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National Headquarters: 10819 Berryhill Road Pensacola, Florida 32506-6201 USA
Uniting All OAEs the world over in sharing the Antarctic Experience
The Old Antarctic Explorers Association, Inc. is a tax exempt charitable organization chartered under U. S. Code 501(c)3 and is dedicated to establishing and perpetuating public awareness of the Courage, Sacrifice and Devotion that many of our members exhibited while supporting Antarctic Research.

A nother goal is to unify efforts to obtain, preserve and display Antarctic artifacts and memorabilia in a centralized location in addition to identifying those artifacts that are already in place at various locals.

To:         Members, prospective members, and to our supporters
From:     Laura Snow
Subject: A Message From the President of the OAEA
Date:     1 July 2013

Welcome from the President, Old Antarctic Explorers Association

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Welcome to the old Antarctic Explorers Association Web Site. The association was founded to keep alive the memory and share the experience of those personnel, both military and civilian of all nations, who served or are serving in support of Antarctic Research. Membership in the association is open to all that have shared the Antarctic Experience. An Associate Membership is available for anyone having an interest in Antarctica.

The Antarctic Experience, for membership purposes, is defined in our By-Laws as now serving or having had (1) verifiable service on the Continent of Antarctica, and/or off-shore islands, in support of an organized expedition for discovery or scientific exploration, or; (2) verifiable service on any of the U.S. Navy or New Zealand Navy Ocean Station Vessels; Navy and Coast Guard Icebreakers; supply ships, tankers, and research vessels that participated in Operations Highjump, Windmill and/or Deep Freeze, or: (3) men or women who have worked in or visited the Antarctic Continent and/or offshore islands or aboard ships in Antarctic waters for any legitimate reason, and: (4) widows, widowers, children, or other next of kin of deceased members or any deceased individual, who would, if living be eligible for membership.

The Explorer's Gazette is published quarterly in Pensacola, Florida USA for the Old Antarctic Explorers Association. Copies of the Explorer's Gazette can be downloaded from this web site by clicking on the link located on the sidebar to the left.

If you are eligible to become a member or if you know someone who is eligible to join, or if you have an interest in Antarctica and desire to join as an Associate Member, please download a membership application from this web site and send it to the address at the top of the application. If you have any problems or questions you can contact our membership chairman, Billy-Ace Baker at the email address below my signature block.

Thank you for visiting the Old Antarctic Explorers Association web site.

Laura Snow, President
My email address is: snowlg@cox.net

Membershnip Chairman and Webmaster Billy-Ace Baker: upizauf@aol.com